WHQL Certification
Automation is our philosophy while dealing with WHQL certifications and drivers' release cycle. We know how to overcome the tedious issues related to HLK\HCK setup configuration and maintenance and create reproducible setups. If you need to certify your drivers, create an automated release cycle, or get attestation certification for your drivers — Daynix is here to take care of it.
Start automating your WHQL certification today
WHQL certification — Daynix is to here help you certify your drivers.

• Setup certification process
• Take care of certification for you
• Help you fix certification issues
HLK\HCK automation — Daynix provides the unique automation framework that can be customized for your driver-specific needs:

• Automate HLK\HCK setup creation and orchestration of lab resources
• Automate drivers' deployment and additional custom configuration
• Automate test execution

Full drivers' release cycle automation:

• CI pipeline for your drivers
• Automate drivers' certification
• Automate drivers' submission to Microsoft HW Dashboard
• Automate packaging and release management
Are you new to Windows drivers development, release, and certification?
Daynix is here to help!

• Windows development teams training
• Walkthrough the certification process
• Help to create and customize drivers' release cycle
Cross certificates expiration — as of 2021 Microsoft retired cross-certificates that were used to sign drivers for pre-Windows 10 OS versions. Daynix is here to help you to set up WHQL certification for all your drivers in order to be able to continue to provide your customers with production drivers.